Birth Announcements

by chris cunningham

Chris Cunningham

Seriously, who has a white lightsaber? Xavier has a freakin’ white lightsaber, that’s who! After a few attempts at some birth announcement cards I silently gave up. Only because they seemed so boring. Everybody does those, right? Now I’m kinda behind schedule so I stayed up all night illustrating and designing this movie poster for his birth cards. Which turned into actual movie posters. The original idea was to make a concert poster like the old style Fillmore Posters. Suddenly it got way more complicated and I found myself driving around town getting qoutes on card stocks. Ahhhh just like the old days at the magazines. Anyway I found a place on Pico just west of the 405 called Copyland. They actually do posters like those at El Rey and such. They quoted me a ridiculously low price and so I was really skeptical but they did a great job. They’re absolutely beautiful. I had 50 of them printed up at 14″x22″ and hand wrote thank you’s on the bottom. The best part was handing them to the doctors. Dr. Banooni was particularly pleased with being the director. They’re totally going to be collector items because he’s a national treasure. BTW… Ted “Theodore” Logan is Ted from Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure.

In other news I finished Smurfs 2 at Sony and then went to Siggraph in Anaheim which was a big bust. Siggraph is a shell of its former self. Later in the same day I had my camera stolen at Downtown Disney. Hence the lack of updates. Turned my back for a second and it was gone. Strangely, before I left the house I put on the cheapest lens I have. So now I’m camera shopping. In the meantime there are large gaps of time missing on this site because of busyness so maybe I’ll go plug some of those holes. Be aware you people I’ve shot photos of…