Long Beach Aquarium

by chris cunningham

After the Doo Dah Parade we headed down to Long Beach to go to the aquarium. To see the aquaria. They were reopening for the night between 5 and 9pm. From Pasadena we stopped by the house, then Yogurtland for a quick treat before heading down. We did a little tour of Long Beach then parked and bought our tickets. It wasn’t as crowded as I was thinking it might be so that was good and we could walk around easily.

I like the tanks where you can pet things. Like rays! Rays are cool. Unless your name is Steve. Then they’re so not cool. Sharks are ok, they’re just not rays. Sharks have bad connotations too. Such as “shark bite”. You don’t want one of those. A “ray bite” is not so bad. It’s more like a slobbery dog kiss. Calling someone a “shark” is bad. Such as “pool shark”. Again, “pool ray”, not as bad. Then there’s guys named Ray. They’re always nice. If I met a guy named Shark I’d hate him immediately. A ray of light is a good thing too. And don’t get me started how much I hate my Shark Hand Vac. It’s lame.

Anyway, I liked the rays, I liked the sea lions, I liked the puffins, I liked the sea dragons, I liked the jellyfish, but I didn’t like the caf?©. Lousy food. Liza was disappointed in the Liza fish. A genus of the mullet fish.