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Month: January, 1994

Heaven & Earth at El Toro Cinemas

I went and saw “Heaven & Earth” today. It’s the new film by Oliver Stone and the third in the loose trilogy of Platoon & Born on the Fourth of July. It’s pretty good but it will be empty handed at the Oscars. It’s not nearly the movie the other two are. The cinematography, score, […]

3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica

I went to Santa Monica and Venice today and the weather was perfect. This is definitely where I would want to live, but oh the commute it would be. I saw the house that the used in The Real World Los Angeles on MTV. It’s empty. I picked up a chicken taco at Jodi Moronis […]

The New Guy

This “New Guy” memo went out today from LaMar. I sound so important. Not. Well, it’s a start. Actually I thought it was a joke at first and that he had only put the memo on my desk to make it seem like everyone got it. Low self esteem at work with those thoughts. Anyway, […]

First Day at Advanstar Communications

I started my new job at Advanstar today and had to fill out a pile of papers. At first they were thinking I would come in as a freelancer. What?! When did this come about? I refused to start work without becoming an employee of the company. Frank Molstad disappeared for about half an hour […]

New Years at the Cabin

The first thing I did this year was toot this horn. New Years Eve/Day at midnight. A big group of us went to the cabin; Jennifer, Tom, George, Meg, Chris Gonzalas, Michelle, Kim, Marlene, Mitch, Andrea, Steve, Guy, and some other guy who stayed one night. I’ve never seen that many people sleep over in […]