Oh wow, hello there.

by chris cunningham

For the last 20 years or so I’ve used Mediatemple as my website host. Ya know, they were based in Culver City so home town team vibes and all. They were great. If I ever had a problem I could chat to them on the website and they fixed any problem within minutes. Well along come Godaddy and they bought out Mediatemple and when they flipped the switch last October my website immediately stopped working. Way to go. You could view some of it but I couldn’t log in anymore and any links to other parts of the site downloaded small php files. So it sat and sat and sat… then I thought I’d try to contact Godaddy. No reply, months and months. Then I texted them and had a chat with a bot on my phone until finally it said I’ll connect you with an agent. !!!!!wHaT?? Then my phone sat there for hours because bot said they had high demand. This never happened with Mediatemple. 4 hours later an agent finally texts back and I had to jump through so many hoops to prove who I was and this all played out over about 6 hours. Then they said they had to hand it off to someone higher up to help fix the problem and I never received another text. So I tried again today and same thing, wait wait wait and I tore a strip off poor Santosh when he finally came on. I had to go through the same verification processes and I just said ugh forget it and closed the chat. Useless.
After a few hours of research I finally found an answer to my problem. Thank you random internet poster. One stupid line of code I had to delete out of an access file and all is well. Ugh. So anyway happy it’s fixed but annoyed at Godaddy support. I didn’t choose you Godaddy and I hated your boob-centric ads too.