Night Moves @ The Wise Hall

by chris cunningham

I’ve been listening to Night Moves a lot this year and out of curiosity I had thought “hey, are they out on tour?” Wouldn’t you know it they have an upcoming gig in Vancouver! What timing for that thought. At The Cobalt though? Isn’t that a slumlord building that is about to be condemned but has a club on the bottom floor? Why yes it is, and yes the concert was moved to The Wise Hall due to all the danger of dying in a fleabag concert venue. Anyway, skipped the opening band and showed up at 10pm for Night Moves and it sure is nice to be back out seeing small shows again. Not gonna lie. Love their sound. I also brought out my Canon 7NE loaded with Ilford HP5 film to capture some of that tasty 70s vibe on silver halide crystals. Look at those sprockets! Don’t you just love them? It’s like it’s 1976 all over again and Jim Ladd is playing Bob Seger’s Night Moves the song on The Might Met I’m under the covers listening to my transistor radio on a school night and it’s past midnight. Magical days.
So Carl Sagan the song from Night Moves the band on Splotchified while you stare at the picture.