Bubbles! B u b b l e s! BUBBLES!!!

by chris cunningham

During the holidays we made a ton of trips to Costco. Right at the front next to all the TVs and audio gear was this massive bubble machine. The price was £34, about $50. I kept thinking it seems very inexpensive. Every time we went I looked at it and thought, well it must me junk or something and they’re trying to get rid of them. It didn’t look like they were selling many of them. So I thought who would actually buy a massive bubble machine in the middle of winter in northern England? Well me, I would.

He had a little fish bubble machine that he absolutely loved, but the bubble fluid got into the electronics and it stopped working. Poor fish. Ever try to explain to a child that their toy is broken? “More?” Oh no, no more… He understands stuck, but that’s a temporary situation. That weekend, on our way back from the aquarium, we stopped at a different Costco and I told myself if they have it in stock I’m getting it! We also had room in the car so the planets were aligned. There it was, beautiful black metal, and two twirly bits, and 100w fans.

The only thing I had to buy was a long extension to run the power from the garage. Done. Xavier’s cousins came by the house and I got the machine out and fired it up! Man oh man it is worth every pence. Waaay better than the fish! Armed with daddy’s new toy, a 4K GoPro and brushless gimbal stablizer I captured the excitement. Every weekend I break the bubble machine out and it gets the same reaction. Pure joy.

I burned a longer version of the video above to dvd and he asks to watch that on the TV when he can’t go outside. That my friends is a good purchase.