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Remember the Name… The Struts

Do you like Queen? Bowie? Slade? T. Rex? Sweet? Well I know I certainly do. I finally got to see The Struts at the Commodore Ballroom and they were sooo freaking great! The setlist was amazing and it included guitar and drum solos, band introductions, and they even joined hands at the end of the […]

Peter Gabriel #5 at Rogers Arena

Awww look at everyone sitting there nicely enjoying some music. My fifth time seeing Peter! Forum 2x, Staples, Irvine Meadows and now Rogers Arena. I doubt it will be the last as I expect he will do a ‘this is it’ tour as so many others are doing now. Pete (he told me to call […]

Night Moves @ The Wise Hall

I’ve been listening to Night Moves a lot this year and out of curiosity I had thought “hey, are they out on tour?” Wouldn’t you know it they have an upcoming gig in Vancouver! What timing for that thought. At The Cobalt though? Isn’t that a slumlord building that is about to be condemned but […]


There are a few things I can’t talk about at the moment because they’re in a galaxy far, far away but this one is imminent. I’ve been staring at ABBA a lot lately making sure everything is in place for the shows in London. ABBAtars still cracks me up. They got lucky with that one. […]

A Whole Bunch of Things

Way back on December 6th, 2006 Christian Cunningham wrote: “So my prediction? Happy Feet will be taking home the Oscar for best animated picture this year. You heard it here first. Ben made it a beautifully lit film, and if it doesn’t? I’m going over to the Academy building and throw eggs at it. You […]

Neko Case Concert No. 8 – Henry Fonda Theater / Music Box

The Flaming Lips at Bill Graham Civic Center

[FLAMING LIPS VIDEO] Spent the day being a tourist with Shine and Jill today before hitting the Flaming Lips show. sonicliving.com was having a little pre-show get together at Jade Bar by City Hall. I called up fellow Flickrer and website friend Willo, of willotoons.com, and she was also headed over to the bar. So […]

Vintage Video: Taylor Hawkins – A Foo Fighter

[TAYLOR HAWKINS VIDEO] I was rummaging through some boxes and found some of the old video tapes. This is back when I was playing in the band with my friend Riz, now of the band “Anyone” [LINK]. Taylor Hawkins was good friends with the band and he used to come hang out and go to […]

KROQ Inland Invasion Concert

Ok, where do I begin… Guns ‘n Roses, Alice in Chains, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Rise Against, Atreyu, Buckberry, 30 Seconds to Mars It took FOREVER to get out there. The Glen Helen Pavilion out in Devore. Am I in Nevada yet? On Friday, Blaine came by my desk and asked if I’d like […]

Tool(ed) at The Staples Center

Setlist: Stinkfist – The Pot – 46 & 2 – Jambi – Schism – Rosetta Stoned – Right in Two – Wings for Marie – 10,000 Days – Lateralus – (interlude) – Vicarious – Aenema So, where to begin. I like Tool. Like the band, like the music, like the whole vibe around them… But […]

Imageworks FX Follies 2006

[FX FOLLIES PHOTO GALLERY] [FX FOLLIES VIDEO] Why is it called the FX Follies of 2006? 70 Years ago, Our Gang (The Little Rascals) produced a short called “Our Gang Follies” of 1936. In this early short, the gang put on a show for their neighborhood, it was a big success and a lot of […]

Concert Double Header: Pearl Jam at The Forum/Sierra Swan at The Viper Room

Hopefully she’s running a little late.First off Pearl Jam, this is the 4th time I’ve seen them so it’s not really a huge deal but when I bought my ticket I got blocked out of the first show on Sunday and while I was fiddling around with Ticketmaster a second show was added right under me…. I actually enjoyed Sierra more than Pearl Jam because I’m kinda burnt on them.Sierra ends her set and since I’m only 6 minutes from The Viper Room I’m able to get home before midnight and into bed I go.

O2 Wireless Festival Hyde Park

GOGOL BORDELLO JUST RULED THE DAY! They were so awesome I loved every minute they were on stage.

Def Leppard & Cheap Trick at The Hammersmith Apollo

Aw yeah… Rock Rock ’til you drop!

Calexico at The Music Box

[CALEXICO AUDIO SNIPPET] Music to sway by. Calexico are sooo good! I’ve been having the hardest time seeing them as they’ve come through town a couple times while I’ve been away or I just couldn’t make it, etc. So finally! The name is taken from a small border town in California, and it’s Mexican side […]

Anyone at The Viper Room

Caught up with my pal Riz Story and the band Anyone [LINK] at The Viper Room tonight. He decided to celebrate his birthday tonight by playing a gig at The Viper Room. I’ve known him since we were five and officially he’s not my brother, but he might as well be. Being a musician’s cool […]

Culver City Hot Rod Show

[CULVER CITY HOT ROD SHOW VIDEO] Culver City is where hot rodding and customizing cars got it’s start. There used to be a speedway in the city starting back in 1924. It was eventually demolished to make way for the movie studios. Um, which is now Sony Pictures where I reside 10 hours a day. […]

Rob Zombie at The Wiltern… Yeeeah!

I rode the bus to concert. Damn right. Proud of it. Why not spend $1.25 instead of $10 for parking. Anyway, Matt and I texted back and forth to coordinate where he was sitting so I could meet up with him. After Lacuna Coil was finished the lights came up and I was able to […]

Kittie at The Whisky

I’ve heard a total of about 45 secs. of one Kittie song and that’s all I know. Matt and Steve were already going so I thought I’d catch up with them tonight and hang out. Matt’s friend Cameron was visiting from Salt Lake so he was there too. I parked my car next to the […]

Storm Large at Molly Malone’s

When a show opens with a song called “What the Fuck is Ladylike?” being sung by girl, I’m there for ya. A couple of weeks ago I got an IM from friend Keith asking if I knew where Molly Malone’s was. It’s only like the closest club to my house. I just walk out my […]