Anyone at The Viper Room

by chris cunningham

Caught up with my pal Riz Story and the band Anyone [LINK] at The Viper Room tonight. He decided to celebrate his birthday tonight by playing a gig at The Viper Room. I’ve known him since we were five and officially he’s not my brother, but he might as well be. Being a musician’s cool because you can just say, hey I want to gather my friends, play some music, etc. Then you book a club Friday night on the Strip and all’s good. I can’t exactly do that. I can’t gather my friends around a computer and whip out some visual effects for them and expect to have an all night raging party. Oh well.

Beforehand I met up with my Show-Bro Matt down the street at The Coffee Bean then went back to the club a little after 11pm. I love the Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd. A little fire pit out front and tons of action going by on the street. Great place to kill some time before a show. A group of school chums were all there waiting for me at club so I got to hang out a bit with them. They were all paying very close attention to Denise, one of our school mate’s younger sister, who had now, eh hem, “grown up” quite a bit since we all last saw her. Hilarious. The boys had no shame! These are the word’s that came out of my mouth, “You’re Dave’s LITTLE sister? Oh yeah… I remember you. Holy crap.” Ha! OK, well… that wasn’t very eloquent.

Anyway, I’ve slowly warmed to The Viper Room over the years. Mellow door people, lots of parking in the area, things to do beforehand and in and out privileges without having to be stuck inside the club all night. It’s also finally lost it’s stigma as that place owned by Johnny Depp and also the place that River Phoenix flopped around outside of when he died of a drug overdose. Oh River, we hardly knew ye. Now the Viper Room is a decent small club with no real attitude or celeb connection. Viper Room hint: Their seven dollar bottles of beer will keep you sober, so you can hit the liquor store next door beforehand. Or just get drunk at home and take a cab. Or just stay at home because I’m out having a good time and if you’re slurring and talking nonsense you might annoy me anyway.