Behind the Scenes Tour

by chris cunningham

I always find it interesting when I come across a picture of someone’s desk and get to see where that person spends their time creating. This is the current state of my my Fun Zone. Funny thing is that a lot of this will look horribly dated and be worth nothing in 10 years. If even that long. You used what…? What’s an iPod? You had to carry it with you…? Movies aren’t just beamed into your head? Hmmm… I just made myself sad. Ha!

The guitars will be here though! I’ve already had the acoustic for 20 years so it’ll probably be in some other photo in another 20 years. On that note, my new black MacBook arrived today! Still contemplating a name for it… I’m thinkin’ Zorro. I already have Zippy as my home system so I might as well stick with the Z’s.

Celebs Being Normal Sighting of the Week: Wednesday night I wanted to run over to the Apple store to see the new black MacBook. Mine was due to arrive the next day. The store was closing at 9pm and I got out of there and walked over to the bookstore. As I was headed up the escalator I heard a familiar voice and looked down and asking a clerk about some magazines was Dominic Monaghan. Oh, hey a hobbit. Then a little glance to his right… Evangeline Lilly. Then I got thinking, hey Lost starts at 9 on Wednesday nights. They’re out shopping while the show is on! I’d probably do that too. I download the shows to my iPod so I can go out on Wednesdays. And if you really want to know Evangeline ended up looking at movies and picked up “Carnal Knowledge”, not sure if she bought it though and Dominic was looking at film books. I was too so I almost pulled the “Hey Dom, I worked at Weta on Lord of the Rings thing” but I didn’t really care that much and got bored and went home.