Culver City Hot Rod Show

by chris cunningham


Culver City is where hot rodding and customizing cars got it’s start. There used to be a speedway in the city starting back in 1924. It was eventually demolished to make way for the movie studios. Um, which is now Sony Pictures where I reside 10 hours a day. George Barris sponsers a car show every year and it’s pretty convenient since I can walk out of the office right into the middle of it. I’m all for bringing the entertainment to my doorstep. Some of the hot rods were for sale. One was 52K. Yow! And that’s without air conditioning or a radio.

Since we were working today, Saturday, we got BBQ and ice cream for lunch. Except the caterer was so late I bailed on it and went to the car show instead. I liked the dancers more than the cars really. Something kind of odd dancing in the middle of an intersection but it was cool. I like the 50’s hot rod look of the girls. The show was much bigger than last year but didn’t have any of the George Barris movie cars on display. Kinda burnt out, worked all day.

Coming up… Tommorow off and then two more weeks on the show. Then I’m off to Kauai at the end of the month! Just sittin’ on the beach drinkin’ things with umbrellas in them! And the occasional swing from a vine into a pool below a waterfall. Awww yeeeah…. Then Jill finishes Superman and we’re off to Europe til July. Fly into London, a little road trip around England to see some old stuff and meet up with James in London and Charlotte in Plymouth who I hung out with in Fiji, maybe Wales too, Chunnel it to Paris to eat come French stuff for a bit and then up to Amsterdam for some, well, we’ll see, over to Berlin to look at German stuff, and then up to Copenhagen to look at legos, danishes, and controversial religious cartoons. I think a little relaxation and some sight seeing is in order after the grueling long haul of Ghost Rider. The first real trailer for Ghost Rider is going to be on the front of X-Men 3.