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What a year (or two), seriously.

Forecast is for a White Christmas and I love a good copyright claim on a youtube video. The annual gift never disappoints but of course this one ends up costing money because now you have to restart a vinyl collection that you gave away many years ago. I had Xavier choose a record and he […]

New Years Eve

[FIREWORKS VIDEO] Got up this morning and walked over to the cafe Savor in Noe Valley and met up with Willo again for breakfast. We were all pretty beat from the night before. Good to see her again after having known her through our websites for about 4 years and first meeting her when she […]

The Flaming Lips at Bill Graham Civic Center

[FLAMING LIPS VIDEO] Spent the day being a tourist with Shine and Jill today before hitting the Flaming Lips show. sonicliving.com was having a little pre-show get together at Jade Bar by City Hall. I called up fellow Flickrer and website friend Willo, of willotoons.com, and she was also headed over to the bar. So […]

Le Office Soiree

[OFFICE PARTY VIDEO] Well, another year is drawing to a close and it’s time for those annual office parties. So let’s go, eh! Unfortunately it’s too big and we don’t see many people we know. We walked around for the first hour without running into anyone we knew. I mean, come on?! Where is everybody? […]

Vintage Video: Taylor Hawkins – A Foo Fighter

[TAYLOR HAWKINS VIDEO] I was rummaging through some boxes and found some of the old video tapes. This is back when I was playing in the band with my friend Riz, now of the band “Anyone” [LINK]. Taylor Hawkins was good friends with the band and he used to come hang out and go to […]

Hong Kong Wrap Up



Brought my passport and all was good. I read all sorts of things about booking your ferry trip back because they fill up on the weekends.

Hong Kong & Disneyland

In case you didn’t know, Sha Tin Wai is not the same as Wong Tai Sin…. But that’s only $4.50 US. Which in turn makes the ferry to Kowloon only .21 cents.That’s all, off to Macau.

A Drive Around Los Angeles

1874 frame loop around Hollywood. Shot on my 20D. 1/4 sec. exposures every second. My camera got loose on a turn at one point. Life is full of flaws. A little Sadies tune for the ride. Really, I’m just biding time before I leave… [A DRIVE AROUND L.A. VIDEO]

Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament

[CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT VIDEO] [CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT PHOTO GALLERY] Designers as Rock Stars! Finally! I mean come on artists deserve real live applause! The former Art Director in me was all twitchy with excitement about this competition. The way it works is two artists go head to head and have 15 minutes to […]

Saturday Morning 8:00am

[BLACK HAWK DOWN ALARM CLOCK VIDEO] I kid you not. Good morning. Yeah, didn’t get the helicopter memo. I think the video gives a good idea of what it seemed like in my head. So, I’m laying there, ya know, sleeping in a bit. Helicopter man shows up and really won’t disappear even though I’m […]

A Grand Day Out

[MOTORIN’ THE BOAT AROUND VIDEO] In a remarkable bit of kindness I was given the day off work on Friday. Which coincided nicely with the parents arrival in Los Angeles with their boat! They’ve been cruising up the coast the last few days and pulled into the marina yesterday. I went down and hung out […]

Messin’ with the Cat

Local animals. Nicky the neighbor cat recently moved but I used to have fun with her when she’d come around. She didn’t move that far so she actually comes by occasionally and hangs out. I haven’t seen her in few weeks. All that’s left is old black cat Eddie and annoying Boubou who after about […]

Open Season World Premiere

[OPEN SEASON PREMIERE PHOTOS] [RED CARPET MAYHEM VIDEO] Hey! Let’s go to a premiere! Come on everybody! Join me in a walk down the red carpet, um green carpet, and get blinded by flashes and rub elbows with Martin Lawrence, Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Gary Sinise and the furry stars of Open Season! It’s […]

The Commute by Bike

[COMMUTE BY BIKE VIDEO] I had to work a few hours on Saturday so I rode my bike. I try to ride my bike more days than I take the car but it’s been so hot around here lately the lure of air conditioning in the car has been to great. Today was beautiful, so […]

Imageworks FX Follies 2006

[FX FOLLIES PHOTO GALLERY] [FX FOLLIES VIDEO] Why is it called the FX Follies of 2006? 70 Years ago, Our Gang (The Little Rascals) produced a short called “Our Gang Follies” of 1936. In this early short, the gang put on a show for their neighborhood, it was a big success and a lot of […]

San Francisco Weekend Getaway

[FANTASTIC FLAMING FIRE FEST VIDEO] Three things to do this weekend. One of my roomates from college was having a birthday thingy on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night was FireFest. Then on Sunday was hang out time with Keith and Shelli and go into the city to Jens for a little birthday feast for a friend […]

The Annual Mooning Of The Amtrak

[BIKERS, BOOBIES & ASSES VIDEO]Every year at Mugs Away Saloon in San Juan Capistrano a bunch of crazy bikers get together and moon the trains that go by all day. It started as a bar bet where a guy offered a beer to anyone who would go moon the Amtrak train as it went by.

Amsterdamn You Dirty Apes!

Today was just problem after problem but all got resolved and a gay angel was hoping to get his wings.

Germany vs. Argentina

Today was all about The Game.