by chris cunningham


OK, so let’s try this Macau thing again. Brought my passport and all was good. I read all sorts of things about booking your ferry trip back because they fill up on the weekends. So I had a boat out at 12:30 and a return boat at 5:30pm I figured 5 hours was probably enough time to walk around and get a good look at things. Macau’s a former Portuguese settlement much like Hong Kong was under the 99 year British lease. So, I thought it might at least be a visual change of pace. Only problem was is that when we pulled into the port of Macau it’s pouring rain. It was totally dry in Hong Kong. I don’t get it? I give up.

So now I had 5 hours to wait for another ferry and won’t be able to see any sights. I grabbed a bit to eat at a little grouping of eateries along the water. After a couple of hours the sun peeked through and I made my way down past all the casinos. Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia. They even spend way more money on gambling than Las Vegas. I didn’t see anything remotely related to the portuguese settlement except for Casino Lisboa. I just ran out of time to get to the steps, or anything really. Ha ha… so I shot a picture of the casino just to prove to myself in years to come that I actually went. The only photo I took all day is that one above. I moped back to the ferry terminal and just waited around as it started to get dark. After I got back to the city I did a few timelapses before catching the ferry back to Mui Wo.

So Macau was another bust in a string of not so great things. Well, at least I have a 13 hour plane flight in the morning to look forward too. There’s always that.