Exit from Hong Hong

by chris cunningham

Well, I’m headed home after a less than successful venture out to Hong Kong. Can’t win them all.

Ok, I’m trying tot type this on the bompiest plane ride eer. We’ll see hoe this goes. Off to great start I see! I’s travel home day. Just got up and pa ked shower anf then caught a cab which took about an hour to getnb to the qitporyt. Ha ha this is nect to mpossble. OMG, help!! Ok, settled back down. Got checked in and roamed around the airport a bit and then went toi the gate. My pasport has been stamped 8 tmes on this trip. Lost of paper trails here. I’m not druk I swear. Ctahay Pacific has really good food by the wya. They get therir menus made by restaurants in Hing King. There’s only two movies I think Ill watch on the plane. The Break Up and Talladega Nights. The Break Up is on right now. Wird its on;y 4:00 and they’re alrwady making evryone close teirwondows. Ha ha ha.Ok, don’t try to type during turbulence. Well that’s about it really. Hong Kong. Hmmmm…