The Annual Mooning Of The Amtrak

by chris cunningham


Every year at Mugs Away Saloon in San Juan Capistrano a bunch of crazy bikers (and others) get together and moon the trains that go by. It started as a bar bet when a guy offered a beer to anyone who would go moon the Amtrak train as it went by. 26 years later and the free beers are no longer offered but there are plenty of people still putting their asses against the chain link fence whenever an Amtrak train flies on through. 30 trains were scheduled to go by during the day and I got there at 12:30 when the temp was about 104F/40C. Ouch, very hot. The downside/upside of this was a lot of toplessness was happening! As I was leaving one woman was completely naked and spread eagle in her beach chair while cameras were clicking away. Not a care in the world. In conservative Orange County it’s kind of a unique event and even the police look the other way on this day.

Woke up at 9 this morning and got home about 5pm. For some reason I only lasted about an hour before falling asleep for 4 hours. Even went back to bed at 1am and slept through the night. Weird.