Hong Kong & Disneyland

by chris cunningham

I set aside a little time today to spend at Disneyland Hong Kong. Since I grew up with Disneyland in my backyard and previously having worked for Disney Feature Animation it’s so ingrained in me I have to check it out! Even though I’m rather bored by it all at this point. So, I’ve been to Disneyland California, Disneyworld Florida, Disneyland Paris, and now Disneyland Hong Kong. All that’s left is Tokyo. Quite honestly I didn’t even remember there was Disneyland in Hong Kong until a day before I left.

Long story short it was awful. There were nooooo rides whatsoever. About 8 of them. It was really rather pathetic. So I wrapped it up in a few hours. The only ride I went on was Space Mountain. The Main Street is nearly identical to the one in California. Strange. Anyway, Disneyland was kinda sucky.

After I left I headed back into the city for dinner and took a harrowing bus ride up to the Peak. The bus was hugging these cliff turns that were straight down. “Amongst the dead was an American tourist…” was what I was thinking. The view from the Peak tonight was crazy beautiful. I actually missed having someone with me this time to go “Hey look, that’s so cool.” So I’m telling you now, “Hey look, that’s cool” and you really liked it and we hung out all night just watching the lights.

I took the Star Ferry back over to Kowloon tonight to have dinner. There was a little place I went to and liked it so I went back. Had some rice, shrimp, chicken, mushroom bowl. Oh, and they have a drink there that is called Honey Pear Tea. If there was one drink left on the planet I would hope it be that one. Amazing.

Went home. Not in such a good mood. Going to try to get to Macau tomorrow for a change in scenery.