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New Cast Member Badges

I’ve had a few of these cast member badges over the years (see below). They sent out badges to every Disney employee around the world. Weird how 100 years doesn’t seem that long ago anymore. Only 34 years before I was born. That would be 1989 for someone born today. The very beginning of the […]

On We All Plod

So COVID finally decided to pound on my door this week. And I answered. Two and half years in and probably 75 rapid and 10 PCR tests taken, I just knew I was going to be positive this time. And I was. As I recover away from work I was thinking of the backlog created […]

Hang Out With Me

Late night overtime has necessitated headphones and a playlist. These all conjure a time and place for me and I sometimes stop to listen to a large portion of the song. Come on join me for late night work. Throw some candles on and open your window. The one song that stops me in my […]


There are a few things I can’t talk about at the moment because they’re in a galaxy far, far away but this one is imminent. I’ve been staring at ABBA a lot lately making sure everything is in place for the shows in London. ABBAtars still cracks me up. They got lucky with that one. […]

What a year (or two), seriously.

Forecast is for a White Christmas and I love a good copyright claim on a youtube video. The annual gift never disappoints but of course this one ends up costing money because now you have to restart a vinyl collection that you gave away many years ago. I had Xavier choose a record and he […]

Imageworks at Hollywood Park

Four of eight races I picked horse #4 to win. Four of eight races I came in 2nd. Boooooooo on 4. But… hotdogs and drinks are only a dollar on Friday nights so who really cares. Nothing quite like cheap eats and watching ponies run. The sport of kings? I think not. Tonight though, woo […]


Winston has been collecting Pez dispensers for about 7 years now. He got his first one when I sat next to him at work at that time and now he sits near me again and it has grown into a massive Pez battalion. It’s like a mini spartan army, except more colorful, less bloody, and […]

Charles Phoenix / Spider-man 3-Surf’s Up! Wrap Party / Culver City Hot Rod Show

Friday I got myself double booked with a show at the John Anson Ford Theatre and Imageworks’ wrap party for Spider-man 3 and Surf’s Up. First up was Charles Phoenix. He’s this guy that… well, it’s kinda hard explain, but it’s very Southern California kitsch. He collects slides from the 40’s 50’s 60’s and basically […]

A Whole Bunch of Things

Way back on December 6th, 2006 Christian Cunningham wrote: “So my prediction? Happy Feet will be taking home the Oscar for best animated picture this year. You heard it here first. Ben made it a beautifully lit film, and if it doesn’t? I’m going over to the Academy building and throw eggs at it. You […]

Mammoth Mountain

[SNOW VIDEO] [MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN 2007 PHOTO GALLERY 1280×980] Rather mellow trip this time out. We left on time Friday nght and stopped once for a short break but got to Mammoth about midnight. Got unpacked and then just sat around chatting until about 2am. Slept about 6 hours and then got up and hit the […]

VFX Bake-Off

And now for something completely boring… This week every year the Visual Effects Bake-Offs are held to determine who gets into the final three for the larger Academy to vote on for the Oscars. All week the sound editors, visual effects artists and makeup and hair stylists all get together and choose who’s best. Or, […]

Ghost Rider Was Here…

It’s about time this thing came out. I kept hearing about people seeing the billboard around town but had yet to see it until tonight. A great fun group of people worked on it. How’s the movie? Dunno. Taking a wait and see approach on this one. (edit: Yeah, the wait to see has taken […]

Le Office Soiree

[OFFICE PARTY VIDEO] Well, another year is drawing to a close and it’s time for those annual office parties. So let’s go, eh! Unfortunately it’s too big and we don’t see many people we know. We walked around for the first hour without running into anyone we knew. I mean, come on?! Where is everybody? […]

Hong Kong & Disneyland

In case you didn’t know, Sha Tin Wai is not the same as Wong Tai Sin…. But that’s only $4.50 US. Which in turn makes the ferry to Kowloon only .21 cents.That’s all, off to Macau.

Imageworks Halloween


The Commute by Bike

[COMMUTE BY BIKE VIDEO] I had to work a few hours on Saturday so I rode my bike. I try to ride my bike more days than I take the car but it’s been so hot around here lately the lure of air conditioning in the car has been to great. Today was beautiful, so […]

Imageworks FX Follies 2006

[FX FOLLIES PHOTO GALLERY] [FX FOLLIES VIDEO] Why is it called the FX Follies of 2006? 70 Years ago, Our Gang (The Little Rascals) produced a short called “Our Gang Follies” of 1936. In this early short, the gang put on a show for their neighborhood, it was a big success and a lot of […]

Saints & Sinners Lounge

There was a little meeting of the Ghosties crew at the [Saints & Sinners Lounge] Tuesday night. Lots of Martinis were had by all. In fact I think I doubled my entire lifetime intake of Martinis that night. Not a big Martini drinker so round about 4 in the morning I was a hurting puppy. […]

Win, Win, Lose, Win, Lose, Win, Lose… Steak Dinner For Me!

Horse racing! Always bet on the Irish horse. They always kick our California horses asses. You’d never know gambling’s illegal in California. Somebody should probably tell the Indian casinos, lotteries and race tracks. I arrived too late to bet on the first race but I was on fire for the next seven! Aw yeah, steak […]

It’s Over! …and Ghost Rider Trailers Are Out in HiDef!

Well it’s over. [Ghost Rider] wrapped for me today and now it’s holiday time. It’s going to seem like a distant memory when this comes out next February but it’ll be cool to see it after so long because I’ll have forgotten most of it. The [HD trailers] were released on Apple’s website this week […]