San Francisco Weekend Getaway

by chris cunningham


Three things to do this weekend. One of my roomates from college was having a birthday thingy on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night was FireFest. Then on Sunday was hang out time with Keith and Shelli and go into the city to Jens for a little birthday feast for a friend of hers.

First thing I went into the city and saw the Golden Gate Bridge was fogged in so I ran over and took some photos. Had lunch at La Cumbre in the Mission district. Next was birthday party one for little Keith, roommate from college. He’s little Keith. Big Keith is who I’m staying with. There’s a bout a foot difference between the two, hence the designation. He’s still just a kid at heart and actually had a giant two story inflatable water slide in the backyard for the party. Ha ha, that guy will be 80 and will still be playing with the latest toys. I haven’t seen him in a few years and he didn’t know I was going to be there. Totally surprised and cracked up that I was there. Good times.

After a bit of time over there I headed back into Oakland and met up with Keith and Shelli. We quickly headed out to dinner in Berkeley. The real highlight of the weekend though was where we were going afterwards. FIREFEST!! “It’s like Burning Man but smaller and not in the desert and only $35.” -Big Keith. Before going up I checked out what might be happening up there and sure enough, I had missed this last year, but in a total coincidence it was happening this weekend. Picked up tickets for everyone and off we went. It was INCREDIBLE! I can’t really write anything to do it justice but just watch the video. Standing just feet in front of a tornado of fire and an arcing, crackling, snapping tesla coil is pretty damn scary. Just watch.

Sunday morning we got up and headed into the city. Jen was having a birthday soiree for her friend Kevin and was cooking. Which is always a reason to go by itself. Kevin has been recovering from a major motorcycle accident so it’s good to see he’s getting out and on the mend. The food? Rock n’ Roll! So good! Go look at food and people

Good to get up to San Francisco with nice weather. Last time at New Years the place was practically drowning in water and blowing away in the hurricane like wind. Nasty.

I just remembered how funny it is how much some people from San Francisco hate their city to be called Frisco. It’s a total abomination and their eyes roll back in their head and they practically lose their breath. You only hear people from outside of the Bay Area calling it Frisco so don’t call it Frisco to it’s face. I don’t since it’s my second home. They will however fully embrace Otis Redding singing the name “Frisco” in “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay”! So now that I’m 400 miles away… Frisco, Frisco, Frisco.