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Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at El Capitan

So far it’s been the season of 3D so I thought it would be good to catch the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at El Capitan Theater. It’s a holiday tradition at the theater but Liza has never seen it and Blaine and Erin both love the film so they went also. Earlier in the […]

3 Months Off! The Writers Strike! The England Lass! Solidarity!!

FINALLY!! With the writers strike now ended those greedy bastards can finally get back to the writing of my website! I mean seriously! Bet you never realized I had a stable of scribes actually doing this stuff. Oh, totally. For 7 years I’ve just handed them photos and they just made shit up. So easy!! […]

Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Click Picture for Gallery [Adnan] and I went over to the Arboretum for a few hours. He to play with his new HD video camera, me to, well… to see the Fantasy Island House! Da plane da plane… [FANTASY ISLAND INTRO] I think I’d like the arboretum a lot more on a cooler day. The […]

The British Invasion

Click Picture for Gallery Wednesday Aug. 1st: Invasion begins. Fortunately we’ve spent the past month planning and preparing for the onslaught. They’re a wiley lot these visitors. First attempt at contact is made at DMZ LAX. A peace offering is made with brightly colored plant life. Seems to have worked. The visitor is soft and […]

Imageworks at Hollywood Park

Four of eight races I picked horse #4 to win. Four of eight races I came in 2nd. Boooooooo on 4. But… hotdogs and drinks are only a dollar on Friday nights so who really cares. Nothing quite like cheap eats and watching ponies run. The sport of kings? I think not. Tonight though, woo […]

Coombe Abbey and last day in Liverpool

Click Picture for Gallery Oh no! What? You mean it’s over?? Well, had a little breakfast this morning and then got checked out of Coombe Abbey. Met up with Nick and Soraya in the lobby and got the cars packed. It’s raining outside but softly. We went for a walk in the large park area […]

Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire & Stratford-upon-Avon

Click Picture for Gallery So today was the big secret day. I wasn’t supposed to know what was going on but as soon as you arrive at Coombe Abbey they make it pretty apparent that there’s an *award winning medeaval banquet* that goes on here. I tried averting my eyes but it was pretty obvious […]

Warwick Castle and Coombe Abbey

Click Picture for Gallery Today was quite fun. Got up and headed out to the middle of the country to the town of Warwickshire. First to visit Warwick Castle. Ooooooo castle. Lots of interesting things including a long bow demonstration. Good show, then we walked through the castle and up to the top of one […]

Windermere and Blackpool

Click Picture for Gallery Had to get checked out of the hotel this morning so had some breakfast and then packed up. Back to Liverpool tonight. But not without some adventures first. We drove down to the bottom end of Windermere and went to the same place we picked up the ship the day before […]

Windermere – The Lake District

Click Picture for Gallery Today we hung about Windermere the whole day and just enjoyed the lake. We had to catch the ferry across the lake to catch the larger ship that goes up the length of the lake. We were headed to the halfway point of Bowness for lunch and then catch the ship […]

Lytham St. Annes to Windermere

Click Picture for Gallery Today we had breakfast at the hotel. Continental, but it was pretty well stocked with everything you need to get ya going. And it did and we were off! First to St. Annes for some shopping and met up with Veronica and Rick for some light snacks. Then we were off […]

Lytham St. Annes

Click Picture for Gallery Day Three… and I think jet lag has finally released its evil grip on me. I’m yawning all day but it’s good. So this morning got up and had some breakfast and just kinda relaxed a bit. Met up with Soraya and Nick. I got to beat Soraya at Wii Tennis […]

Formby Beach

Oh hey! Day two! Look at that! Already? Where does the time go? Got up this morning and did some site seeing around sleepy little Liverpool. Sunday morning, where is everybody? Quite a change from the night before. Checked out the cathedral and walked around it for a bit. So now we’re off to Formby, […]

Arrival in Liverpool

A long day awaits me. I woke up this morning and went to work as normal, but with the added stress of knowing I wasn’t going to get back to the house if I forgot anything. My flight wasn’t until 9:30pm so I just had to get there a few hours before. No big deal […]

Los Angeles to Liverpool

Ok, so, there’s this place, right? It’s called Liverpool. That’s in England dontcha know? And there’s a rather fantastical girl who lives there. Well, I’m going to go visit her. Shut up! I heard that! If I get around to posting this week there will probably be some rather silly photos of two goofballs with […]

Shelli’s Birthday

What’s a party without the four food groups? Strawberries, Beer, Asparagus, and Meat. S.B.A.M. I really haven’t been that lazy folks, just lacking on the photo front. I’ve been here, then there, then over there, and then up there. A week or so ago Keith IM’d to tell me it was Shelli’s birthday the following […]

Neko Case Concert No. 8 – Henry Fonda Theater / Music Box

Mammoth Mountain

[SNOW VIDEO] [MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN 2007 PHOTO GALLERY 1280×980] Rather mellow trip this time out. We left on time Friday nght and stopped once for a short break but got to Mammoth about midnight. Got unpacked and then just sat around chatting until about 2am. Slept about 6 hours and then got up and hit the […]

Watts Towers / Nuestro Pueblo by Simon Rodia

[Watts Towers, Los Angeles – Info] L.A.’s own Antoni Gaudi. A skeletal Sagrada Familia in the heart of South Central. Called up [ Adnan ] this morning and we headed over to the Watts Towers. This is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to my entire life. Lot’s of elementary school trips […]

New Years Eve

[FIREWORKS VIDEO] Got up this morning and walked over to the cafe Savor in Noe Valley and met up with Willo again for breakfast. We were all pretty beat from the night before. Good to see her again after having known her through our websites for about 4 years and first meeting her when she […]