Warwick Castle and Coombe Abbey

by chris cunningham

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Today was quite fun. Got up and headed out to the middle of the country to the town of Warwickshire. First to visit Warwick Castle. Ooooooo castle. Lots of interesting things including a long bow demonstration. Good show, then we walked through the castle and up to the top of one of the towers. I bought a little helmet form the gift shop and we aslo tried on full size helmets inside one of the armory rooms. Of course the illusion was completely shattered by my iPod shirt but whatev. After walking through the castle for a bit we headed over to one of the gardens where they have a ton of peacocks. Crazy ass birds. Squawking, showing off with thier tail feathers, etc. Very cool things those critters.

After the castle we headed over to Royal Leamington Spa and met up with Liza’s sister Amira and visited for a bit before hitting the road to Coombe Abbey. Used Amira’s GPS which is just the greatest thing ever, and since then I’ve bought my own. What rock have I been under?

We got to the hotel and had dinner at the Abbey. We were in the corner little tent table. You know the table where you always wonder *who’s sitting there and why do they think they’re so special?* Well, that was us, so suck it. We laughed from our tent at the minions at regular tables. Peasants!!! Ha, anyway, good fun and a great dinner with fancy pants desserts and all. Had a little after dinner tea and hung about in the hotel. Lots of cool things to explore in Coombe Abbey. You should go.