Windermere and Blackpool

by chris cunningham

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Had to get checked out of the hotel this morning so had some breakfast and then packed up. Back to Liverpool tonight. But not without some adventures first.

We drove down to the bottom end of Windermere and went to the same place we picked up the ship the day before but this time caught the steam engine down to Haverthwaite. Just a fun little hour and a half chug chug chug through the countryside. I love steam engines. Giant rolling tea pots. After arriving in Haverthwaite we just waited at the station as they turned the engine around and filled it back up with water and off we went back to Lakeside. When we got back we hopped in the car and said goodbye to the Lake District and made our way down to Blackpool. Probably could not be two places so different.

Arrived in Blackpool in the afternoon and it’s tacky central. Bad souvenirs, fortune tellers, carnival rides, etc. Your basic seaside carny breeding ground. And yet you can’t help but be fascinated by it all. Coney Island of England. Spent a few hours milling about and gawking at the sights before heading out to the pier and a ride on the ferris wheel. Good views of the coast from up top.

Before heading back to the car we stopped off for some fish and chips at a casino and I preceded to spray my soda all over the table and ground. I think the cup was only 8oz. but what spilled all over looked like a 2 liter bottle was shaken up and then the top opened up. Rather embarrassing. Love when I do that.