Windermere – The Lake District

by chris cunningham

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Today we hung about Windermere the whole day and just enjoyed the lake. We had to catch the ferry across the lake to catch the larger ship that goes up the length of the lake. We were headed to the halfway point of Bowness for lunch and then catch the ship back as it makes its way south. We left the hotel and drove down to a National Park area and waited for the ferry. Liza talked to the ferry boat captain and he was very chatty about his boat. Kinda like a taxi driver who’ll talk your ear off if you strike up a conversation. Nice fellow. As we crosssed a Mayfly landed on Liza. He shared a ride in his short life span.

After we got to the other side we waited a bit for the larger ship the Tern to take us up Windermere to Bowness. The trip was really nice, a bit chilly, and we passed the hotel on the way. Nice to see it up on the hill from the water. We stayed hung out of the front of the sjip taking photos most of the way.

We arrived in Bowness and disembarked and took a short walk around to look at things. We didn’t have too much time and the next departure would be the last one of the day. We looked around a little and walked through some shops before heading up a little hill to a restaurant up the road. Just relaxed there and got sleepy on some garlic bread.

After and hour or so we walked back down to the dock and hopped back on the Tern and road on the stern. After we got back to the south end of the island we met up with the ferry boat captain again and he gave us a free ride back to the other side where the car was. We said goodbye to him and then walked through the National Park area there before walking back up to the car. Saw some bunnies. Lots actually.

We were the last ones out of the park and as we were leaving we drove by a ranger building what looked like a Dalek from Dr. Who. He was building a donation drop off box but then decided it looked like a Dalek and jammed a stick and plunger in it and was admiring his work. Funny guy was out all by himself making his own fun. We drove away but Liza wanted to go back a take of picture of him and when we got back he was busy trying to take a photo of it but was having all sorts of problems. He didn’t really know how to operate his camera that well and had accidentally filled up his memory card with movie files instead of pictures. So Liza helped him out and what was really funny was that he started acting like he was afraid of it.

After the Dalek encounter we headed back to The Beech Hill Hotel and sat out on the dock for a bit and then fired up the jacuzzi and also went out to the pool. Great day in the Lake District.