Lytham St. Annes to Windermere

by chris cunningham

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Today we had breakfast at the hotel. Continental, but it was pretty well stocked with everything you need to get ya going. And it did and we were off! First to St. Annes for some shopping and met up with Veronica and Rick for some light snacks. Then we were off to to Windermere! Woo hoo! Lakes, little villages, stone walls, little candies. We drove up the motorway to Windermere and stopped in at the tourist information building. You’d think Beatrix Potter lived and wrote in the area. What’s that? Oh, she did? OK. Miss Potter, rent the movie. See pretty lakes and things. Then we drove up the Ambleside to have some lunch. Looking for the recommended Lucy 4 Restaurant. Only problem is there is a Delicatessen, a Cafe & Restaurant, and a Wine Bar & Bistro all named Lucy. We wanted Lucy 4, which serves tapas, but we did find but not after finding the other two first. Had a nice lunch with an assortment of different thingies. None of which I can recall now. One had curry. I think.

After dinner we walked around Ambleside a bit and shot a bunch of photos and goofed around til we got tired and needed to go find the hotel. We hand to drive the length of the lake to get down to the hotel and once we got to bottom of the lake we realized we must have passed it. That’s weird, I saw no signs whatsoever for a Beech Hill Hotel. I had a rough idea of where the hotel was supposed to be but not being familiar with the area I didn’t know how far things where. Not far at all really. Only took 25 minutes to drive down the whole length of the lake. This, the largest lake in England. On the way back up we realized we’d both looked right at the hotel on the way down but its signs were so small you couldn’t really see them in time while driving by.

We got checked in and the place was so great we called to see if the next night was available, and it was. So two days in the Lakes instead of one. And there’s a hot tub out front. Vedy niiiice.