Lytham St. Annes

by chris cunningham

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Day Three… and I think jet lag has finally released its evil grip on me. I’m yawning all day but it’s good. So this morning got up and had some breakfast and just kinda relaxed a bit. Met up with Soraya and Nick. I got to beat Soraya at Wii Tennis but promptly got destroyed at Wii Boxing by Liza. Which she kindly told me she was going to do so it wasn’t much of a surprise. Then went back up to the hotel and walked across the street to the mini train and was forced to ride it. Although if no one was looking I’d probably have ridden it anyway. Then we drove down to Liza’s other sister’s house and had some lunch and relaxed outside in the sun. Rick did a little gardening and and we all supervised. Beautiful day out. Then we went over to Fairhaven Lake and strolled around there for a good while and watched all the Canadian geese that were there. Then hit the pub in Lytham for a bit before heading back to Nick and Soraya’s.

It was just starting to get dark so we hopped on some bikes and rode up along the strand and it was perfect out. And I had a bell on the bike which I used incessantly. Thank you very much. Should we turn here? *ding* Turnaround? *ding* Wanna go back now? *ding*

Anyway, got back to Soraya’s and stayed up way late playing guitar and Trivial Pursuit which was too regional for me to answer a lot questions. That’s my excuse and it’s a good one.