Formby Beach

by chris cunningham

Oh hey! Day two! Look at that! Already? Where does the time go? Got up this morning and did some site seeing around sleepy little Liverpool. Sunday morning, where is everybody? Quite a change from the night before. Checked out the cathedral and walked around it for a bit. So now we’re off to Formby, and then Lytham St. Annes later today. A little drive up the coast is involved. Guess who slept most of the way? Huh, huh? Where are we? Warm sun coming through the window and a slow rolling road shuts my brain right off.

Stopped by Liza’s mom’s house and had a bit of lunch and chatted a with her mom and grandma. Had a tour and got to laugh at college photos before heading off to see The Red Squirrels of Formby Beach?Ǭ©. Red squirrels good, grey squirrels bad. Report grey squirrels. So we went down to the beach and got free parking because Liza’s a member of the National Trust because she does all sorts of volunteer work for them and… OK, it was an annual fee she volunteered, but still. Sat up on the sand dunes for a bit and watched people go out and waves come in. I was sporting the Indiana Jones hat and on the way back from the beach area a little boy passed us and exclaimed *Wow, a cowboy*. That’s right pardner. From America. So yeah, that became the saying for the week with the hat. *Wow, a cowboy*.

Oh yeah, wait, wait, we went out to the beach area first and then the little foresty area had The Red Squirrels of Formby Beach?Ǭ©. So, we walked around there and picked up peanuts along the way and threw them towards The Red Squirrels of Formby Beach?Ǭ©. They really didn’t seem to care much.

After the beach trip we went back to the house and said goodbye and then headed further up the coast to Lytham St. Annes. It’s like midnight and still light out up here. What’s up with that? Go to bed sun.

In the pictures No. 1. Me on the beach. Wow, a cowboy. No. 2. Liza on the beach sporting rolled up pants and my Tijuana Federales minor league baseball team hat. No. 3. A Red Squirrel of Formby Beach?Ǭ©.