Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire & Stratford-upon-Avon

by chris cunningham

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So today was the big secret day. I wasn’t supposed to know what was going on but as soon as you arrive at Coombe Abbey they make it pretty apparent that there’s an *award winning medeaval banquet* that goes on here. I tried averting my eyes but it was pretty obvious we were going and some sort of costumes were involved. Beyond that and previous to today I knew nothing.

First though we were headed down to Stratford-upon-Avon to meet up with Liza’s aunt and see some Shakespeare country. So what was the first thing we see?? Half naked men sticking flaming torches in their asses. I think Shakespeare would have actually thought it was funny. Good times. We walked about the town a bit before having lunch at The White Swan and then walking across to Shakespeare’s birthplace. Which has oddly enough been a tourist site almost since the day he died 1616. They started coming there at that point. Maybe for a bit of contagious magic.

Drove back to the Abbey and started getting ready for the banquet. Soraya and Nick had arrived and were getting reayd in their room. I pretty much had to betold at this point what was going on and why I was getting dressed up as a monk. Turns out Amria was bringing my king costume but was running late and we might just have to ditch me being a king and go straight to the banquet. Just as we’re walking out the door Greg and Amira show up and I’m able to swap out quickly and run through the Abbey to the area they hold the Banquet.

So we arived just in time as the greeter started welcoming everyone and telling us how to behave! ha! They started calling out groups in and we got seated and started digging into the mead. ahhhh… quite good actually, sweet with a bit of honey flavor and because of that will sneak up on you in regards to how you’re feeling. If you know what I mean. The show was really funny and songs were sung, food was ated, and dancing was danced. Such a great fun night. And I’m exhausted.