Coombe Abbey and last day in Liverpool

by chris cunningham

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Oh no! What? You mean it’s over??

Well, had a little breakfast this morning and then got checked out of Coombe Abbey. Met up with Nick and Soraya in the lobby and got the cars packed. It’s raining outside but softly.

We went for a walk in the large park area surrounding the Abbey. First we walked over to a visitor center and there was a group of wood turners. They certainly have their own thing going on. Liza and Soraya bought a few things and Soraya even helped get a goblet started with the help of one of the turners. He ended up giving her the goblet a s a gift. Really fun to watch them just chopping up their litle spinning logs. Different breed of people.

Grabbed a little bit to eat at a restaurant and the meal was dirt cheap. Bizarrely inexpensive. Forgot what I had, some sandwich curry thing. On the way out there was a nature center and a went in a bought 4 bags of bird feed. The problem was they didn’t have them sitting out so I couldn’t see how big they were. I just figured, hey there’s four of us, *4 bags of bird feed please!*. She looked at my like I was nuts for second as she dumped four huge bags of bird seed on the counter. Yikes, haha, well now, grab a bag, we’re feedin’ birds.

Walked around for a bit and saw some swans and ducks. The gardens were really nice and we walked through a bit of a foresty area and came across a tire swing. The girls were quite good at it but Nick and I floundered around helplessly on the stupid thing. At one lake we came upon a pair of swans who brought their cygnets over and we still had some food left so we were able to feed them for awhile. We walked back to the Abbey and just handed the rest to some kids that were just arriving. As we got back to the Abbey we walked through the gardens a bit just looking around and all the well trimmed hedges and outdoor statues and things.

And then were were off… Bye Abbey.

We headed back to Liza’s mom’s house for a goodbye and then out to Crosby beach to see the Antony Gormley figures installed along the coast. Just in time for a nice sunset on the last full day in Liverpool. Tomorrow is the trip home and some rather sad goodbyes. All good though as Liza will be out to California in two months.

And that’s what I did on my summer vacation.