Los Angeles to Liverpool

by chris cunningham

Ok, so, there’s this place, right? It’s called Liverpool. That’s in England dontcha know? And there’s a rather fantastical girl who lives there. Well, I’m going to go visit her. Shut up! I heard that! If I get around to posting this week there will probably be some rather silly photos of two goofballs with identical cameras, lenses, and bags parading around the north of England. And possibly an occasional hello or more by said special guest. I’m just warning you. I’ll spare you the details so your head doesn’t crack wide open in disbelief. It’s all you’re going to get.

So in the meantime, Los Angeles is showing off her flowery summer dress in the form of the Jacaranda bloom. The whole city turns purpley this time of year and it’s quite nice. Except for the part where all our cars get pelted with sticky little dead flowers. Every morning starts with the traditional windshield wiper scrape of the purple build up. Mess-y. But some days it can almost look like the rose parade on the way into work. Know that song Purple Rain? Prince, right? Yep, it’s about the Jacaranda trees in L.A. No really, little known fact.