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Las Vegas Day 4

Las Vegas Day 3

Las Vegas Day 2

Las Vegas Day 1

LACMA Lights

If you’re ever in Los Angeles at night, especially in the rain, have a drive by the L.A. Museum and look at the street light installation. You don’t even have to get out of the car, but if you do every photo you take of yourself you’ll look like a movie star. It’s a very […]

Arturo the Birthday Boy

This is Art. It’s his birthday. He loves this photo. Cake in the rollover. It says spanish stuff on it.

Luxos Held Hostage

Today at DreamWorks we rounded up all the Pixar Luxos and destroyed made them disappear. Don’t they looked frightened with their little environmental bulbs? One made a run for it. It wasn’t pretty. Oh, and this is a brand spankin’ new point and shoot Canon sd880! So I did a pano. Because I do that […]

Long Beach Aquarium

After the Doo Dah Parade we headed down to Long Beach to go to the aquarium. To see the aquaria. They were reopening for the night between 5 and 9pm. From Pasadena we stopped by the house, then Yogurtland for a quick treat before heading down. We did a little tour of Long Beach then […]

Doo Dah Parade

I’ve been to the Rose Parade a few times and frankly it’s a much better experience on an HD TV in the comfort of your own home. No cold night sitting on the curb, no sleeping whatsoever, no hunger, nobody throwing things at you from their cars, and no trying to drive home after all […]

The Jim Henson Creature Shop / A&M Records / Charlie Chaplin Studios

Liza got back in town Monday night! She’ll be here for a few months and off we went tonight to the Jim Henson Studios, formerly A&M Records, formerly formerly Charlie Chaplin’s studios. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop was doing a demo of their technology and also held an open house. They did some motion capture demos […]

Team Freak – Monsters Vs. Aliens Lunch

Each lighting team on Monsters Vs. Aliens is named something monstery. So far I’ve been on three teams on this show. Team Freak, Team Thing, and Team Gort. Team Freak leader Robert took us out to lunch as we wrapped up our sequences. We ate at Picanha in beautiful downtown Burbank. Russell on the left […]

Greystone Mansion

For no reason other than Meat Loaf shot that video there I thought I’d check out the Greystone Mansion. Turns out a lot more than that has been shot there over the years. Most recently that crazy ending in “There Will Be Blood“. Apparently they got a cut in the rate to film there for […]

2008 Holidays

The holidays were mellow. I had to work New Years week so I didn’t really get to go out and do much. Like a lot of people this year we cut down on the gifts so it was nice not to have to worry about it too much. This year I made all the gifts […]

Mary Ellen Mark at Book Soup

Mary Ellen Mark was in L.A. tonight to present and talk about her new book. Seen Behind the Scene. It’s a compilation of images she has taken as a Unit Stills Photographer over the last 40 years. There’s a list of maybe 50 photographers with real name recognition. Top of the heap is probably Ansel […]

Oooze Gonna Save Us? Monsters vs. Aliens

I’ve been working on Monsters vs. Aliens the last few months and the posters have now replaced Madagascar 2 around the campus. Also this week I did some “walla” for the movie. Walla groups are used to create crowd noises for the background of movies. A group of us gathered outside and yelled at invisible […]

Tiki Bar TV DVD Release Party

I found Tiki Bar TV via an iTunes podcast several years ago. It was one of the first video podcasts so I subscribed. I like the show but know it’s not to everyone’s taste. It’s kinda looooww budget. But come on! It’s a tiki bar! They prescribe drinks to solve problems! It’s made in someone’s […]

Blaine’s Birthday

It was Blaine’s turn to turn this week. They had the party catered by Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City, so of course I went. I stopped by Whole Foods on the way there to pick up some of my friend JD’s hot sauce. He was doing an in store tasting at the Santa Monica […]

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Festivities

Hello! Let’s fire this thing back up shall we?! Lots has happened in the last 6 months but you wouldn’t know that would you? No you wouldn’t. I have a new job. Liza was here all summer. And for a bit in May. We have a new president, which you know. Yea! So there’s lots […]

Santa Fe Open Studios

Did a quick visit to the Santa Fe Studios today. I went over there hungry so I didn’t stay long. Mostly the same people, so didn’t see much that was new. Popped in to see Jett and she’s been really busy with a few Alice in Wonderland pieces. Fun painting to look at. She’s gotten […]

Speed Racer Wrap Party AKA ‘the night my camera didn’t focus’

There was a wrap party for the movie Speed Racer that I wasn’t invited too because I didn’t actually work on the movie. But I went anyway courtesy of Winston who didn’t want to go! What?! I’ll go. A bunch of fellow employees will be there so why not. Met up with Blaine on the […]