Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Festivities

by chris cunningham

Hello! Let’s fire this thing back up shall we?! Lots has happened in the last 6 months but you wouldn’t know that would you? No you wouldn’t. I have a new job. Liza was here all summer. And for a bit in May. We have a new president, which you know. Yea! So there’s lots to catch up on but I’m going to just fill that in as I go forward. So you might have to have a look back to see some new stuff. But I’ll point it out too.

Anyway, here’s a clue into the new job. It’s actually a new old job as I went back to DreamWorks after 7 years and spent a few summer months working on the film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. It was originally called Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape up until the spring. Good thing they changed it huh? The thing is, they’re never really in crates in the second one. Doh.

It’s been a flurry of activity around the studio this week with screenings, press interviews, parties, etc. Yesterday we had a toast, and today a big lunch event for opening day. Alex the lion was there and the 4 penguins Skipper, Rico, Private and Kowalski. They’re just dying for a theme park to roam around in. Dreamland anyone?

Today they also handed out crew gifts and we all got a Skipper and Hula Girl maquettes which are really nice. I was fortunate enough to get one even though I wasn;t on the show that long. Last photo in the slide show. Goodnight and welcome back.