Blaine’s Birthday

by chris cunningham

It was Blaine’s turn to turn this week. They had the party catered by Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City, so of course I went. I stopped by Whole Foods on the way there to pick up some of my friend JD’s hot sauce. He was doing an in store tasting at the Santa Monica Wilshire store. Did you know you can buy some of his delicious sauces at select Whole Foods? Hint hint. Or you know, All Spice is kinda convenient too. Hint hint.

Got to the party and Blaine got lots of Tri Tip, personalized Jones Soda, an Iron man, a new guitar hero guitar, Beard Papa’s, pies, hugs, and lots of old geezer jokes. Meanwhile on the other side of the yard I dropped my cream puff on my shoe. But… it landed on my foot like a Hacky Sack and everyone yelled “5 second rule! 5 second rule!” So I kicked into the air and bent over backwards like an extreme limbo move and it caught it in my mouth. You should have been there, it really was the stuff of legend. Besides the leathery taste of my shoe it was very good.

After the party I went home and had all sorts of plans for the evening but instead found the comfort of my couch too much to ignore. A nice sugar crash and meat coma put me out for a couple hours. Then I went and saw Slumdog Millionaire and was sad, then I was happy, then sad, then sadder, then kinda happy, then really really sad, then really really really sad, then I was happy again, then really happy, then super happy! What a tiring movie.

Oh yeah, there might have been a little lie in one of the paragraphs above.