Messin’ with the Cat

by chris cunningham

Messin' with the cat

Local animals. Nicky the neighbor cat recently moved but I used to have fun with her when she’d come around. She didn’t move that far so she actually comes by occasionally and hangs out. I haven’t seen her in few weeks. All that’s left is old black cat Eddie and annoying Boubou who after about three pets on the head will bite you. Cutie the long hair moved awhile ago and Grey Cat, that seemed like it was forever in heat, either moved or a neighbor made her disappear. Yellow cat doesn’t come out of the house anymore but I see him in the window across the way. Girl neighbor has a dog that is smaller than all the cats. The rest of the wildlife is either squirrels, opossums, and the once every two or three years sighting of raccoons. Oh, and the crows that go nuts about sundown. But the worst is that damn nightingale that perches itself outside my window and sings all night long. Ugh. SHUT. UP!!!


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