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Category: Cat

Messin’ with the Cat

Local animals. Nicky the neighbor cat recently moved but I used to have fun with her when she’d come around. She didn’t move that far so she actually comes by occasionally and hangs out. I haven’t seen her in few weeks. All that’s left is old black cat Eddie and annoying Boubou who after about […]

The New Lens

This is Cutie. She’s a longhair that recently got shaved for the summer. Except for her head, tail and paws. But my point is that I picked up a new lens. The widest angle zoom lens Canon makes for my camera. The EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, or 16-35mm on my 20D. If that means anything. […]

Chillin’ With Nicky

Another in a long line of cats that does absolutely nothing all day. I know, I sat and watched her do nothing today. Yep, nothin’. Absolutely nothing.

Stupid Cat

Nicky’s not the smartest cat in the world. Curious, yes, smart, no. He climbed straight up my screen door and was teetering along the top. I had to grab a chair just to bring him down. Scared cats don’t like that. They’re all claws. Of course I had to shoot some vid of the damn […]

Eddie the Cat

One cool cat. As soon as I get home and open the back door, neighbor cat Eddie comes comes a runnin’. He hangs out with me a lot when I’m eating on the patio. While my Mom was visiting once she fed him some cheese and he immediately barfed it back up along with a […]

Attack Of The Killer Neighbour Katt

10 second horror flick. See what happens when you’re sittin’ bored at home armed with a video camera. Fun with the neighbors cat, Nicky.