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Category: Games

Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament

[CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT VIDEO] [CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT PHOTO GALLERY] Designers as Rock Stars! Finally! I mean come on artists deserve real live applause! The former Art Director in me was all twitchy with excitement about this competition. The way it works is two artists go head to head and have 15 minutes to […]

Messin’ with the Cat

Local animals. Nicky the neighbor cat recently moved but I used to have fun with her when she’d come around. She didn’t move that far so she actually comes by occasionally and hangs out. I haven’t seen her in few weeks. All that’s left is old black cat Eddie and annoying Boubou who after about […]

Play Asteroids… um, er, Zathura!

The last two movies I’ve been on have had little flash games built for them. Polar Express and now Zathura. We screened the film today. I can’t really reveal anything about the movie, but the house that’s in it is beautiful. Such a grown up statement. I wouldn’t have said that 5 years ago. Cinco […]


It’s a wrap! Ha! See what I did there? It’s a wrap, like gifts or presents at Christmas… and the movie wrapped? Anyone, hello? This stuff isn’t easy, ya know. As of half an hour ago, Saturday October 2nd, 10:30pm, I put my last shot on The Polar Express [LINK] to film. Done. A few […]

Penguins Are Funny

Argh! I can’t stop playing!!! Click, then click again to hit the penguin [LINK]. 578.7 588.8 593 high score so far. Apologies to whoever made this as I commandeer its use. Must….hit….penguin…farther…