Remember the Name… The Struts

by chris cunningham

Do you like Queen? Bowie? Slade? T. Rex? Sweet? Well I know I certainly do. I finally got to see The Struts at the Commodore Ballroom and they were sooo freaking great! The setlist was amazing and it included guitar and drum solos, band introductions, and they even joined hands at the end of the show and did bows! There was a lot of “come on baby! that’s right baby!” too. They’ve got that Big Arena Rock Energy! In the Houston clip below you can see Luke keeps a Freddie Pop! figurine on his piano. It’s like having a mini Beethoven bust. Strange Days into Could Have Been Me was such an excellent encore. As I write this a few days later I’ve kept thinking about the show and it’s the best I’ve seen in years and years.

Fun fact about the Commodore Ballroom is that when it was originally built for dancing, the floor was designed with tires stuffed with horsehair overlaid with 2×3 boards and then covered with shiplap. It gave the floor this bouncy feel so when everyone was dancing the whole floor would feel a bit like a trampoline. They have since updated the floor with layers of plywood, drywall, cork and foam rubber. It is a little disconcerting feeling a 1000 people jumping up and down shaking the building. You can’t spell disconcerting without concert. See what I did there? I might add that this venue is on the second floor so some day when the ballroom comes crashing through the ceiling it’s got a hard landing onto a bowling alley.

Oh also, I just got my Hasselblad XPan back from the Netherlands were it was finally getting fixed by someone who isn’t a flounder. More on that fascinating (depending on who you are) journey to get it working again. I’ve taken it all over the world so it’s good to have it back. Look at all that film pano goodness!