Kittie at The Whisky

by chris cunningham

I’ve heard a total of about 45 secs. of one Kittie song and that’s all I know. Matt and Steve were already going so I thought I’d catch up with them tonight and hang out. Matt’s friend Cameron was visiting from Salt Lake so he was there too. I parked my car next to the Kittie tour bus down the street and they were all hanging out inside getting ready. The little asian bass player came out and started to walk over to the Whisky which I told Steve about later and he was jealous as he’s the biggest Kittie fan of the lot. I told him I’d introduce him to her later. I think he was hoping I was serious.

Since Kittie weren’t going on until about 11:15pm I headed over to The Hustler store (lame), Tower Records and Video, Book Soup, and then to The Coffee Bean and chilled out by the fire with my Ice Blended. About 11pm I walked back to the Whisky and the guys were there and we chatted a few minutes before Kittie came out and yelled and screamed a lot for an hour. After the show we hung out on the street and chatted a bit and then took off. The Whisky to my house, 6 minutes. Nice. Kittie are The Bangles while The Donnas are The Go Go’s.