Erickson Update

by chris cunningham

Project time. I’ve had this guitar an awfully long time. It even made an appearance in the before times here. I had it made in 1986 by a luthier in Fountain Valley. Gary Erickson. Super religious dude that held bible studies in his shop during non working hours. He made good guitars though and after 37 years it needed some love. I’ve always loved the zebra wood and it was pretty rare even back then. A chunk this big would jack up price like crazy so fake zebra wood guitars are now a thing and they look atrocious so I got lucky. After all this time and a couple of different storage unit stints the brass hardware was looking pretty junky and it didn’t stay in tune anymore. I decided to black the hardware out much like my favorite look for motorcycles. Fortunately I could buy all the replacement parts online. Kahler is still in business for the bridge, Schaller is still going for the tuners, and a knock off jack plate from China as Fender doesn’t make black ones. All in for a couple of hundred bucks and it’s back baby! It’s back! Now time for some strings and to intonate it up. (Fake update to make it seem like time has elapsed) Update! It sounds amazing all amped up and jammin’ some Crüe. And get a load of that circle gallery.

Old! Boo!