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Month: April, 2001

Sunday Morning Golden Gate Park

[GOLDEN GATE PARK VIDEO] I walked over to Haight street and had breakfast at Squat and Gooble, but on my way back I took short cut through the park. I came across this area that I’d never been to before. The oldest children’s park in the nation. You learn something new everyday. It’s actually behind […]

U2 at San Jose Arena – Elevation Tour

Elevation – Beautiful Day – Until The End Of The World – New Year’s Day – Kite – New York – I Will Follow – Sunday Bloody Sunday / Get Up Stand Up – Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – In A Little While – Angel Of Harlem – Stay (Faraway, […]

My Office Stuff

1. The Rocket of Peace. 2. My Nokia phone which is basically a Walkie Talkie. 3. Stevie Nicks – Belladonna 4. Email interface machine 5. The blinkie phone call dinosaur alerter. 6. Skater stickers. 7. The metal dog/wolf/hyena/buffalo thingy. 8. Another skater sticker. 9. The Happy Face. 10. Real Skateboards patch. 11. Much love note. […]

Shane McGowan at The Fillmore

Sunset On Xulu

On the roof of the Xulu.com Entertainment, Inc. building in SOMA. Friend Eric is doing some visualization for this entertainment venue company. I went for a visit after work and played some of the games and took in some of the sights from the roof. I even got to meet Iain McCaig. He’s a concept […]

Clouds Of California

I flew down to L.A. to do my taxes and see a friends band “Anyone” at the House of Blues Anaheim. On the way home I was fortunate to have been on a brand new Southwest Airlines airplane. The windows were spotless, and the clouds were amazing that day.

Pacifica Beach

There are 13 years between these photos. I went on a road trip with my friends to Pacifica in 1988, and here I am revisiting it. It’s the first time I’ve been back here since school, and it’s weird to think that I don’t know any of them now. Friends change, sunsets don’t.

The Mister and Missus

These mallard ducks started hanging out on the back door of PDI. The male always keeps an eye out while the female sleeps. What a nice guy.