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Month: May, 2001

Gamble House, Pasadena

For a architecture fans, this is the infamous Gamble House. For movie buffs, this is Doc Brown’s house in the “Back to the Future” movies. It was a free weekend to view historical houses in Pasadena. Normally there’s no line. You have to wear blue booties on your shoes to enter the house. They’re not […]

Shreks’ Opening Weekend

Shrek finally opened! I flew down to L.A. to see it with family and friends at Universal City Walk. It had a $42 mil. dollar opening! All the type A people are in the photo. The type B’s are just off screen.

The Man

Ben came from Australia to work at PDI/DreamWorks. A newspaper back home was doing an article on Shrek and he needed photos to send to them. So we shot some in the lobby and out front. He’s quite purple for some reason.

Point Bonita Lighthouse

I took Mike out hiking to Point Bonita Lighthouse. He complained the whole time. So much for having fun! Ya bastard curmudgeon! It’s only open about 3 hours a day, but fortunately we hit it at the right time. A typically cold and windy day in the Marin headlands. Lot’s of seals down on the […]

IBM Gets Jiggy

When advertising goes awry. Some genius thought it would be a good idea to promote IBM’s new Linux servers [LINK] by stenciling cute little symbols on the sidewalks. They also thought Haight/Ashbury would be a good place for this?! They didn’t take into account they’d be dealing with San Franciscan’s who immediately displayed their feelings. […]


Kathleen Cohen introduced me to Gladstone’s and we now seem to have lunches there a lot. It’s a beach thing. Sit outdoors, have the sea bass, pay the expensive bill, take your food home in a foil shaped animal and enjoy yourself. Always the best of times.

Steamboat Software Bar-b-que

[PINATA DECAPITATION VIDEO] The day after the layoffs from PDI, I flew down to L.A. to go to a Steamboat Software Bar-b-que and Charlie’s 30th birthday. Also to start looking for a job. No need to lollygag. [LINK] Charlie decapites a bunny pinata that doesn’t even move. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. It’s […]