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chase the light

Month: September, 2001

10th Annual Inkslinger’s Ball

Inked and poked. A show about pain. My only purchase was a lighter that is shaped like a cigarette. Not that I use it, just things that are juxtaposed always intrigue me. $4 bucks. Guess I need to start smoking. A baby in a skull and cross bones shirt is always trouble. A lot of […]

La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits living up to their name. You’d have to be a really stupid, or a very thirsty animal to go anywhere near this. A bit Exxon Valdez-y, but if you’re a giant sloth with a pea brain it’s probably looks like a chocolate milkshake. Below is the current state of my […]

9-11 Checkmate

Woke up to the collective experience known as 911. One photo I’m glad I didn’t take. I guess my Black Crowes tickets for the Greek tonight have just been rendered useless. Damn, and I had great seats. What a depressing show it would be anyway. I woke up and heard some sort of commotion on […]

C.C. Rider

I’ve been up since 5:00am, on a Sunday. This is my class on motorcycle safety [LINK] offered through the state of California. The long and short of it is, you ride around in a lot of circles, lock up your brakes, swerve through cones, watch other people get booted out of the class, and hopefully […]

Burbank Dog Show

Samoyed’s are the single greatest dogs ever. I grew up with one. Her name was Chestnut because we got her for Christmas. You can argue other dogs are better, but I won’t be listening, and I’ll fight you. They have the uncanny ability to talk. They don’t bark, they make this drawn out howling noise […]