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Month: October, 2001

New Orleans And A Stranger With Gay Porn

[MATT DRESSED UP FOR HALLOWEEN] After all day at the festival and a long wait for a cab last night we awoke late and walked around the Quarter for a bit. Keith and Kyle visited a fairly small internet cafe and the guy next to them was quite busy downloading gay porn. For the whole […]

The Black Crowes At Voodoo Music Experience

The Voodoo Music Festival [LINK] is an all day shindig with 3 stages. There were lots of people goofing about all day, lots of booths to visit and food to eat. Unfortunately the Black Crowes didn’t get a whole set because Snoop Dog decided to hog the stage earlier in the day. I wanted to […]

The Lost Weekend

Matt woke up this morning and wanted boots. He got boots alright.

LAX to New Orleans

Matt Kimball, Steve Bell, Nick Walker and two of Matt’s friends, Keith and Kyle and I, are all meeting up in New Orleans for a weekend of music and drinkin’. Since the 911 attacks they suggested getting to the airport early. I got here way to early.

Tenacious D at The Wiltern Theatre

Flash (Queen cover) Wonderboy Land Of The Lost Theme Fat Albert Theme Warning Jesus Ranch Kielbasa History Lee Special Things Holy Diver (Dio cover) (partial) Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover) (partial) Dio Tribute The Road Cosmic Shame Jewish Demon They Fucked Our Asses Saxaboom Inward Singing Karate Kyle Quit the Band Rocket Sauce Sasquatch […]

Harry Potter Wrap Party

Wizardry at the Harry Potter Wrap Party. Ok, so I only shot one photo tonight. At some point in the night I think I forgot I had a camera, and may have even forgotten my name too. After parking at the Hollywood Studios, and waiting in a line for an hour, we caught the bus […]

El Presidente De Sigue La Luz

On Thursday, October 11th, 2001 at 9:13pm. I looked like this. Scruffy and asymetrical.

Stuart Little 2 Finals 100 Shots

The Stuart Little crew celebrating it’s first milestone of finaling 100 shots. Only 900 billion to go. Julie and Pia looking like someone died. …and Sarah Moore in the most electric top ever. None more purple. And last but not least a trifecta of alcohol guzzling co-workers.

Imageworks VFX House Bread Bake Off

Sony Imageworks hosting the great bread bake-off. The goal? To try and topple the record of most loaves baked simultaneously at an effects facility. We beat it. Whatever the old record was…? Above center: Some dude thoroughly impressed with the whole event.