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Month: January, 2002

The Cold Cold Moon

It was 100 degrees below zero when I shot this. Ok, only 30 below. Running from car to my house, because it was so cold, I looked up and was kinda pissed that the moon looked so spectacular. This photo’s about my freezing ass more than the moon. In the 10 minutes I was in […]

Disneyland… Again

So, I was supposed to be up in Big Bear today snowboarding. But noooooo…. I got conned into not going because corn dogs from Disneyland are my known weakness. It’s my catnip. Only one problem in this scenario. Half of friggin’ Disneyland was closed and the corn dog cart had gone missing. Splash Mountain – […]

Dinner At Brigitte’s

Brigitte had a dinner party. It was really great and all, but first things first, let me get to her “ON” TV box. I have an obsession with this thing for some reason. I think it’s total retro chic. I remember my neighbor John Boyles had one. I liked the fact that when you wanted […]

Concrete Blonde At The El Rey

What happened to Concrete Blonde? The only thing good about this show was that it was close to home. They need to re-retire. I’ve seen their shows at The Greek Theater and The Wiltern and they were amazing. Tonight it was like watching a twitching dog that’s been hit by a car. It was a […]

Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic torch went right down my street and stopped at La Brea Tar Pits. I was floored by the amount of people on the streets around Wilshire and Curson. Thousands. The torch was brought into the Tar Pits where it stayed for about 10 minutes. I didn’t know who was holding the torch until […]

Aerosmith & Cheap Trick at The Forum

When I was a little kid, my Dad drove me and two friends to the Long Beach Arena to see Cheap Trick. It was the “Dream Police” tour, and Moon Martin opened up for them. He absolutely sucked. It was the 3rd concert I had ever attended. Kiss and The Who were the first two. […]

Merry Friggin’ Christmas

Merry friggin’ Christmas and Happy New Year. Now get the hell out. Stripped naked, and left to rot out by the loading docks, the Sony Christmas tree that graced the lobby just days ago has fullfilled it’s earthly duties. I hope all ex-employees aren’t treated this way.

Black Hawk Down Screening

Went to the “Black Hawk Down” screening tonight at the Mann Village Theater. Jerry Bruckheimer, [LINK] the producer of “Coyote Ugly” and some other films you may have heard of, and Ridley Scott, [LINK] the director of “G.I. Jane” and other films you may have heard of, were on hand to talk about the film, […]

2002 Rose Parade

I’m freezing, tired, yet amped up on enough sugar to choke a cow. Me and 1,000,000+ people along 5 1/2 miles of road. Here’s my slice of the pie. That’s one busy photo. After last night I’m tired of people touching me. The front row seats are cool though. Sleep is overrated, I keep telling […]