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Month: March, 2002

Beautiful Corona

Went out for a visit to my sister’s. Affordable homes, lots of land, 3 car garages, easy freeway access, beautiful scenery…. um… ok, that’d be no on the last one. Lovely Corona, California where the hills are not alive with the sound of music. In fact, most times you can’t even see them.

Attitude And Spidey

More behind the scenes of the entertainment world. This note just had to be on a BMW SUV too… Apparantly you got to pull the ‘tude to show ’em who’s boss. Let’s see, stage 25 is the set of “The King of Queens”, it’s a lead actor…? So Alex, what’s your prediction for the big […]

I Can Do That

This photo has motivation. Ever seen those photos of palm trees silhouetted against a sky? Kind of like some of these. [LINK] Friday night at The Grove Jill commented about a photo of palm trees she liked. I boldly stated, “I can shoot one of those, and I don’t even have to leave Park La […]

Baby Stuff

Charlie and Lisa are just weeks away from being parents. They’re scared shitless. Oh my God, I’m at a baby shower. Babies have this amazing power of 10. Ever try and have a conversation about philosophical things when a baby is in the room? Doesn’t happen. They can suck the life out of any conversation. […]

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Wargames create beautiful sunsets. A Minuteman II missle was launched from Vandenberg AFB tonight. According to the launch schedule the unarmed warhead and decoys were on a ballistic (non-orbital) trajectory to the Pacific. An interceptor launched from Meck Island was to attempt an intercept of the warhead. Remember the acronyms ICBM and MIRV’S? This is […]

Versaille Cuban Restaurant

This restaurant sucks. Cuban food sucks. I know I’m alone on this. This photo sucks. None of these people suck though. Mark, from PDI, joined us for lunch as he was in L.A. working at Dreamworks for a bit. So we treated him to a Sony hangout.

The Magic Of Cinema

Don’t read this if you’re young and naive and believe movie stars really do stunts and stuff. Living in L.A. can be funny. The magic of movie making. Cruising down the road is Bob the actor in his Audi TT on the back of a camera truck. They just HAD to have this shot I […]

It’s All About Sandro

If you have ugly hobbit feet, don’t wear open toe shoes. If you still go ahead and wear open toe shoes, your toes must not hang off the front of your them. Yuck. Oh and while I’m at it… Girls? Toe rings. I know they’re all the rage, but toe rings started to be worn by girls who had cute feet. It accentuated their already cute feet. 95% of the population do not have cute feet. If you don’t have nice feet, do not, I repeat, do not wear toe rings no matter how tempting and cute they look on your friends feet. They look cute on your friends feet because their feet are cute. Your feet are ugly. Do not draw any more attention to the fact that your feet are ugly by placing a shiny ring on them. Your boyfriend’s opinion does not count. He is lying. Do not kid yourself. Please. Do us all a favor. Thank you, and I’ll be checking with an extremely condescending eye. I’m serious.

The Anyone Den

I had my taxes done this morning and then had lunch with my parents and sister after that. Got a load of money back, oh my. The last three months have been very green. After that I called up Riz to see if he was around. He just got back from Anyone’s first tour ’round […]