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Month: April, 2002

Anyone Live at Bedlam Art Warehouse – 4:20 Art Show

No, really I didn’t take it. I swear I didn’t inhale. Besides, the band was handing out free joints from the stage anyway and telling everybody to smoke up. I see a bust coming up in the bands future. And yes, that’s a giant video of a woman inserting crayons into herself. Judging by the liver spots on her hands, I’d say she was in her seventies. I think she was making some sorta statement with the colors she chose. I’m not really sure what that statement might have been. As of tonight it’s official. A girl sporting a sombrero, low slung jeans, boobage, a pierced navel, raven hair, and a tattoo on her lower back is my new favorite thing ever. And finally freaks are people too. …and usually funner.

The Web Crawler Is Coming

It hasn’t even opened and I’m already sick of Spiderman. More Sony propaganda advertising goes up on the lot.

Jeff Flounder Macare

Jeff “Flounder” Macare and the newly crowned Rachel Macare. Talk about a lightning strike, he met a married Rachel in less than a year. Um, in the meantime, I put in a bunch of overtime at work and read Harry Potter. Anyway, only 4 of us sat at the table for 8, so we all […]