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Month: May, 2002

Doh! A Deer, A Female Deer!

Ok, it’s really a male Odocoileus virginianus. Ya know, I’ve driven by this house many times on the way to work and thought the deer was a bit odd. Now that they’re trying to sell the house, it seems reeeally odd. As soon as that house is sold that deer is history. They might as […]

I Am Pen, Hear Me Roar

Wells Fargo, Wilshire Blvd. “If You want to have your own pen, just buy It, but don’t Take me away, because Somebody else needs me. Thank You.” Someone needs some run on sentence and capitalization lessons. I like that it was written from the pen’s point of view, and that it wrote it on itself. […]

Magic Mountain

Little secret here. Mother’s Day at Magic Mountain. The only time of year to go because you pretty much walk right on to all the rides. Not a lot of Mom’s want to go to Magic Mountain for Mother’s Day. You’ll find them at Disneyland where the lines are longer. Of course you get motion […]

Fire In Los Angeles

The smog must be rolling in. Ok, it’s smoke from a fire. I was driving through the Kenneth Hahn Recreation area. Lucky him, he gets oil pumps in his park. Other than the smoke it was a nice day. See the big dark blotch in the blue sky. I just discovered I have a cracked […]