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Month: June, 2002

The Fly

Oh man, life can be cruel. Today I’ve been packing and getting ready for the big move to New Zealand on Monday. All afternoon this fly was buzzing around my house, so I finally decided to give it a break and try and show it the door. Ya know, why not, they only have a […]

Mark, Dan, And Wayne

Meet Mark, Dan, and Wayne. Yeah, hi Mark, I saw your face on a mud flap and was interested in your services. This was parked in front of my house and my immediate thought was, “If I ever own a company where my face was on a mudflap, I’d know that something’s gone horribly wrong.” […]

Alana Gentry at The Gig

Alana Gentry [LINK] and “friends” at “The Gig”. Sandro [LINK] emailed me this flyer of a friend of his that was playing at “The Gig” Saturday night. He thought I’d be interested. Well yeah, a girl with a guitar, count me in. Try finding parking around Melrose on a Saturday night though. I almost drove […]

Pop Quiz

A. single straight man B. single straight female C. heterosexual couple D. fan of greek statuary E. lesbian F. lesbian couple G. a gay man H. Siegfried and Roy or I.

Goodbye Grey Skies, Hello Blue

28 years ago this house started to cause me much pain. Since the debut of “Happy Days” in 1974 I’ve heard every joke in the world about being a “Cunningham”. Does Fonzie live up stairs? Hey man, your sister Joanie is hot. “Sit on it Richie” My name’s not even Ritchie… My mom still gets […]

Santa Monica

So, Santa Monica has the widest and longest sandy beach you could ever imagine, and yet this guy gets his kite caught in the one powerline out there. It just dawned on me today that it’s almost impossible to photograph a sunset over the water in Southern California because most of the beaches face south. […]

It’s A Beautiful Day

Today was one of those days with one cloud in the sky, sparkly blue water, and a fire red sunset. Spent Father’s Day down at my parents and bar-b-queing out on the boat. Cruised around the harbor a bit and just relaxed till I slowly slipped into a food coma. It was a hard day. […]

Shambala Preserve

Can we get a chain put on this or something? Yeah, it’s all nice n’ purdy until the thing starts claiming ownership of your camera bag, bracelet, pant leg, etc. The Shambala Preserve [LINK] is a way station for abused and unwanted big cats set up by the actress Tippi Hedron. Otherwise known as Melanie […]

That Sucking Sound

The mathmatical formula of babies. Charles and Lisa’s little girl Isabella. She needs to start walkin’ and talkin’ real quick so we can drag her around Ireland. She’s the coolest little baby, but vacations are now on hold for a bit.

Thar She Blows…

[SAN JUAN ISLAND ORCA VIDEO LINK – 5m:43secs – 320×240 – 12.7mb] 90’s Journal flashback. This has nothing to do with today. I was just thinking about whales and remembered I had some footage of orcas that I shot a few years ago. The fantastic Kathleen and I flew up to Washington to camp and […]