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Month: July, 2002

The Chocolate Fish, Again

It was pretty cold last night. (How cold was it?) It was so cold, that when the sun came over the hill and hit the roofs, they all started steaming like they were on fire. This is the street all the people who are late to work have to park on. The residents can get […]

The Chocolate Fish

All I hear them saying is… “Cunningham, have a seat, we need to talk”. You’d think one of them could muster a smile. Eating outside at the Chocolate Fish Cafe on a day without a single cloud. The waiters have to run across the street to bring you your food. So just how far south […]

Makara Beach

[MAKARA BEACH PHOTO GALLERY] So, what did you do today? Crazy/Beautiful. Go ahead, click through the gallery.

Seal And Sailing

As much as you like them. They really don’t care much for you. They smell like concentrated ocean stink too. And yes I waited for the boat to come into frame because the Kodak Moment Guide Book said I should do shit like that.

Moonrise Over Worser Bay

As I was walking out of work I noticed the top of the hill looked like it was on fire. Or someone had a giant floodlamp on. So I drove over the hill to see what was up and realized that it was the moon poking through the clouds over Worser Bay. It was absolutely […]

Lord Of The Rings – Lighting

What it’s like to be a lighter. Go to dailies. Stare at your screen. Poke the mouse. Stare at the screen some more. Surf the web. Check the render. Poke the mouse. Try to figure out why nothing works. Deal with it later, surf the web. Check the render. Go to lunch. Check the render. […]

Foggy Day

The airport was closed all day because of low clouds. Not a lot to see today, except this float.

Weta Workshop

Uh oh, dork alert. Over in the Weta workshop they have all sorts of cool shit. Much more interesting than the digital side of things. Giant statues, set pieces, minatures, etc. As of tommorrow this statue of Lurtz [LINK] is on it’s way to England for the premiere of “The Two Towers” in December. It’ll […]

The Wellington Zoo

[WELLINGTON ZOO MINI GALLERY] The Wellington Zoo on a cold breezy Sunday. I quickly found out animals do not like cold and breezy Sundays.

Owhiro Bay

Owhiro Bay at the bottom end of the north island. If you look close you can see the interislander ferry as a small white speck. On the horizon, right where the land meets the water on the left hand side.

The Terrace Villas

This is the view from The Terrace Villas [LINK] above Wellington. This view looks a lot nicer than it actually is. I cropped a lot of the ugliness out.

Horokiwi Donkey, And Oh Shit!!!

That’d be a donkey. A Horokiwi donkey to be exact. That’s just the name of the little town I was in. I have no idea what kind of donkey it is. It’s woolly, I know that much. I’m getting good at these animals through fences photos [GOAT PHOTO]. Yep, that’s my car. Yeah, it was […]

Evan’s Bay Rainbow

This is Evan’s bay that I drive by on the way to work. If it’s raining, there’s usually a rainbow there. This is about the fifth one I’ve seen in a week. Need a rainbow photo? Go to Evan’s Bay and wait a few minutes. Camera got rained on. Not good.

Kiwi Politics

Leaving the Wellington airport you get a glimpse into the New Zealand state of mind. On the back I think it should say “…yeah but our allies are packin’ heat.” Wellington’s probably not as nuclear free as they’d like to be. I’d bet more than a few nuclear subs have meandered through Cook Strait. Above […]

Weta’s On Fire!!

[WETA’S ON FIRE MINI GALLERY] Weta’s on fire! Ya know, I sat through at least twenty Imageworks fire drills, and not one of them yielded interesting results. I’m here less than a week and the damn place goes up in smoke.

Mount Victoria

For about an hour it was sunny so I drove up to the lookout point on top of Mount Victoria. Don’t get me wrong, it was still cold as a toilet seat made of ice. Yeah, yeah, I know it looks like the clouds are smoke from the cannon. Kinda why I took the picture. […]

Porirua Coastline

My first official New Zealand shot. I can now say that I brought to many pairs of shorts to New Zealand. Even funnier is the notion that I brought a swimsuit. Who am I kidding? Look at that. That’s penguin weather. I ventured out to the west coast of NZ today to see some real […]

The Kiwi Car Auction

Happy Independance Day! Hold on, they don’t do that here. Oh, well next best thing. A car auction! Friend George [LINK] needs a new car because basically his sucks. So we head off to an auction in my cool ass rental car with cd player and overhead light that no one else can seem to […]

Auckland/Wellington, New Zealand

After about 10 hours I arrived in Auckland at 4:30 in the morning. Since the international terminal is not anywhere near the domestic one you have to walk. Finding myself dragging 1000lbs of baggage in 40 degrees from the international terminal to the domestic one I’m cranky. Off to a good start. I completely missed […]

Off To New Zealand!

Woo Hoo! Off to New Zealand, Weta, and Lord of the Rings! I’m trading in my warm L.A. summer for a blustery winter in New Zealand. My parents drove up tonight to drop me off at the airport. They figured they weren’t going to see me for about 6 months so they hung with me […]