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Month: October, 2002

Kadavu Koro Village

On our last day of kayaking we all ended up in the village of Kadavu Koro. I rode the support boat into the village and it was straight out of “Apocalypse Now”. People were standing on the banks watching us motor slowly by, smoke was pouring out of some of the huts, etc. I just […]

Albert’s Place

Yesterday we left Naqara village and kayaked along the south eastern shore of Ono and headed to Albert’s Place. We made a quick stop at Jona’s Paradise before heading across the channel to the main island of Kadavu. With a lack of sleep, I skipped the channel crossing and rode the support boat. The other […]

Naqara Village School

After last night’s arrival into the village we awoke this morning to the sound of rooster’s crowing, kid’s yelling, and a dogfight. I slept about 2 hours, if that. I’m going to be a wreck in the kayak’s today. We ate breakfast with about a 1000 flies. Not sure why there weren’t that many flies […]

Kayaking Ono Island

This morning we set out in the kayaks. The coastline was spectacular with many beautiful sand beaches, green and blue bays, and picture perfect palm trees. That’s my kayak the “Screaming Yellow Zonker” at our midday stop about a quarter of the way around Ono. For lunch we had carbs. Carb salad, carbs on ice, […]

Jona’s Paradise Day 2

Relaxed around Jona’s today. It’s Sunday, and all the Fijian’s left for church this morning so I grabbed my camera for a walk along the beach. I came across this huge crab. It was about 8 inches across and I kept taking photos of it. Getting closer and closer, I thought it would eventually run […]

Jona’s Paradise Day 1

We flew down to Kadavu today, pronounced Kandavu (see the pattern?), and took a squirrely boat ride to Jona’s Paradise. Jona was a popular musician around Fiji and now lives here with his family. This is an island called Ono which is off the north eastern shore of Kadavu. The beach was beautiful and our […]

Nadi, Fiji

Woo Hoo, Fiji!!!!!! We stayed in Nadi, pronounced Nandi, the first two nights. It’s a crazy little city with lots of sellers begging you into their shops. The hotel, the Tanoa, was nice enough, but the city was pretty sketchy. None the less, it turned out to be an interesting shopping experience. The swami temple […]

America’s Cup In Auckland New Zealand

When they can get it up, the spinnaker juts out like a huge helmet, and the wind sure can blow that boat long and hard across the water. So I heard.

Islands, Animals, and Hamster Balls

[ZORBING VIDEO LINK – 01:45 – 320×240 – 5.51mb] Volcano’s, farm animals, and Zorbing? In one day?! No way! I’ve died and gone to heaven. Our second day on holiday begins with a bang. A helicopter flight out to White Island volcano, then a farm, and last but not least, Zorbing. Zorbing is a beautiful […]

Let The Xtreme Holiday Begin

Jill and I arrived in Rotorua this morning after a total scramble to get out of Wellington. In the next month, We’ll be on a plane 13 times, a helicopter, boats, cars, kayaks, trains, buses, vans, taxis, a gondola, a ferry, a quadbike, and even a camel. More on that in the full blown vacation […]

Lord Of The Rings – Two Towers Wrap Party

[TWO TOWERS WRAP PARTY GALLERY] The “golden ticket” to the exclusive Weta Digital Wrap party. No, you can’t go with me.

Goodbye Fireworks

New Zealand’s funny in that you can do almost anything that you want too. Except genetically modify food. Want to tie a rubberband to your feet and jump off a bridge? Sure. Want to land a helicopter in a live volcano? Sure. Want your own fireworks show? Sure. Hurt yourself while doing any of those. […]

Lambton Quay

Two days left in Wellington, and I’m completely packed and ready to go. As a bit of last minute sight seeing I finally ride the funicular by my house. Before you start a Google search. funicular: noun Date: 1911 : a cable railway ascending a mountain; especially : one in which an ascending car counterbalances […]

Last Day At Weta

Last day at Weta, so it’s time for the crew photo. They really should have taken this 4 or 5 months ago when we weren’t all fat and pale. Visual effects make you ugly.

The Chocolate Fish

As the last week on Lord Of The Rings came upon us, we all found ourselves going to our favorite places to eat one last time. The combination of that and clear weather is always a good reason to go to the Chocolate Fish. On rainy days you go to the Chocolate Frog. The sister […]

Cook Island Dancers

[ISLANDER DANCING VIDEO LINK – 30secs – 192×144 – 566.3k] The production company thought we deserved a little entertainment after all the hard work we’ve been putting in. Not sure why they thought Cook Island dancers were what we needed, but ok. It’s just not right watching Polynesian dancers on a motion capture stage with […]