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Month: December, 2002

The Dana Point Harbor Holiday Boat Parade

This year my parents outfitted the boat to be in the Holiday Boat Parade at Dana Point Harbor. Tonight is the first time they’ve ever done it so we weren’t sure what would happen. The generator lasted the whole time, so that was good. The boat was outfitted with bows and a white Christmas tree […]

Peter Gabriel At The Staples Center

Peter Gabriel at the Staples Center. 16 years between shows is way to long. Last time was at the L.A. Forum in 1986 on the “So” tour. During “Growing Up” a Zorb [LINK] was lowered to the ground, Peter was underground and came up underneath it and into its center. Then he wheeled it out […]

The Two Towers Cast And Crew Screening

Out of the blue New Line called me and said they were having a cast and crew screening for The Two Towers and got my name from Weta. Um, ok, cool, I’ll be there. “Man I could sell my guest ticket for a bundle”, was my first thought. The Academy gets all freaked out when […]