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Month: January, 2003

Pink On The Doorstep

On closer inspection though it could be someone with an appreciation of the vagina.

Atop The Grove Parking Lot

My new favorite sunset viewing spot in L.A. Here’s what you do. Go to The Grove, park in the structure and take the elevator up to the 7th floor. You now have a 360 degree view of Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, etc. Get your stub validated at the movie theater because they have […]


Well it wasn’t sailing, but we motored. Layin’ around, hangin’ in the sun, cruising the harbor. I just hung off the front of the boat and watched the abstract world go by. In the 80’s, slight breeze, no clouds, and a nice winter day all things considered. The new Falmouth Cutter on a relaxing day […]

“Who The Hell Are You?” A Hat Party

[HAT PARTY GALLERY] The “Who The Hell Are You? A Hat Party”. Another in a long line of the Sony balcony theme parties. “Matchmove & Friends present “Who The Hell Are You?” A Hat Party – Friday January 24th @ 6pm – SPI/MM Balcony – 3rd Floor East – All partygoers must wear a hat. […]

Pron Commuter

Surfas Restaurant Supply and Gourmet Foods. I love this place and it’s conveniently located a few blocks from Imageworks. Fascinating, I know. Let me explain. See, down at Weta they have this thing called Porn Fridays. On a mailing list called “Noise”, Friday is the day people send porn. You can get away with stuff […]

The Golden Globes Hype

Want to see a bunch of losers waving at black limos with tinted windows? Then the Golden Globes is for you. Heading down Santa Monica Blvd. I was forced off that street and onto a little side street. Oddly enough there was a parking spot so I thought I’d check out the crazy people looking […]

Aborted Sailing On Esperanza

Nice day for a sail. Although we wouldn’t know. My parents boat was still grounded from it’s engine problems, so sailing didn’t happen today. I just watched this guy do figure eights in front of me while I sat on the docks. I think he was mocking me. Evil little sailor.

Goodbye Grandma

Grandma died today. My only grandparent that didn’t smoke and she lived to 94. The plan is to take her ashes to the California Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley that she helped establish. She was all about those poppy’s. She did a lot of other cool stuff and deserves much more than just an entry […]

New Camera!

Back on track. Replaced my G1 with a G3! Ok, no droppin’ this one in the mud. What a boner.