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Month: August, 2003

I’m All Artsy Fartsy

Since I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree as of late, I headed over to Wacko / Soap Plant / La Luz De Jesus [LINK]. They’re always good for some cash outlay by me. Being a fan of low brow art, a couple prints caught my eye. Well, almost anything with tikis on […]


[BANANA SPLIT PARTY AT IMAGEWORKS GALLERY] Guised as Ken Ralston’s birthday, it was banana split time again at Imageworks. Anything to get away from the desk.

The Day The Circus Of Heaven Came To Town

I got out of work pre-sunset and when I pulled out of the parking structure the world was going through a filter. It was just bizarre. The sky was going nuts and everything had a red glow. Buildings, people, cars, green grass. It was all red from the fiery clouds. No need to enhance this […]

Bug Suicide, Sunset And City Lights

Don’t do it little bug! Life is worth living. You are loved. You’re kinda ugly, but that’s no reason to leap. It’s 7 stories straight down. After talking to him a bit I found out he was just their to enjoy the sunset and city lights. Kinda like me, but with a much more dangerous […]

Imageworks Is For Real Now

For years we had the most pathetic excuse for a website. [LINK] For a visual effects company you’d expect so much more. They finally got their act together and it looks like the real thing now. [LINK] I’m glad they kept the Flash to a minimum.

Singing About Good Things And The Sun That Lights The Day

L.A. has the best sunsets during the summer. Brilliant colors when there are no clouds, and brilliant colors when there are clouds. It doesn’t matter. I had to pick my parents up from Union Station in downtown for their trip to Michigan. I went a little early and walked over to Olvera Street and hung […]

The Jacuzzi Dogs

Every other night or so I go out the the jacuzzi and there’s a regular crowd out there that shoots the shit. It’s usually comprised of some combination of the Actor(s), the Director, the Editor, the Graphic Designer, the Visual Effects Artist (me), and Roger. It’s the epitome of what you’d expect from a crowd […]